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Free Sangoma D60 IP Phone with Each Switchvox Cloud Seat

Your customers receive a free D60 with each 3yr unlimited Switchvox Cloud seat. Plus softphones!

Free Sangoma D60 Phones with Switchvox Cloud!

In an effort to help you close more Switchvox Cloud deals, we are offering a special promo! As an Agent, you can now offer customers a FREE D60 IP phone for each new Switchvox Cloud seat with any 3-year unlimited service contract. Offering free D60 phones with full color displays will increase your competitiveness against other cloud solutions in the market. Now is the time to check back with your prospects and update their quotes to include the free phones. This is also an opportunity to go back to existing customers that may need to add new seats and offer the free D60 phone promo as an incentive for upgrading to a 3-year contract.

Who: All Switchvox Cloud Agents (Master, Premier, and Subagents)

What: Free Sangoma D60 IP phone with full-color display for each new seat with the purchase of Switchvox Cloud 3-year unlimited service contract.*

When: October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

How: Sale of each 3-year contract of Sangoma Switchvox Cloud service will entitle each seat to receive a free Sangoma D60 phone.

Available on ALL new 3-year unlimited service contracts. Not available on new month-to-month or 1-year contracts.

Available for existing customers adding new seats (requires upgrade of existing month-to-month or 1-year contracts to a 3-year contract with new seats.)
Only available on the Switchvox Cloud unlimited service (excludes metered.)

*This promotion cannot be combined with other special pricing offers.